An Easy DIY Christmas Decoration

Yes I know Halloween is two weeks away, so why am I focusing on Christmas right now?  Well I recently came across this fun project from one of my fave mags Ready Made and it spoke to the contractor in me.

How many of us have a bunch of paint chips lying around in drawers, in files, on the floors of our trucks?  I have the world’s most awesome color deck set given to me by Benjamin Moore Paints, yet I still pull those individual paint chips whenever I need a sample to show a customer.  What should one do with all those chips?  Well these paint chip orbs seemed like a nice project.  The creator of this project shows them sitting on desk, as I suppose some sort of decoration.  That doesn’t work for me.  I hate crap lying around without a purpose, function over form I say.  And don’t fool yourself, those things are too light to be paperweights.

So as I examined this project I thought, why not add a piece of string, rope, or pipe cleaner and hang them from your Christmas tree?  Perfect, now they have a purpose, and they fit the theme of a Contractor’s Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

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